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Client Love


Working with Tori has been a privilege and a blessing. Her kindness, humor, expertise, and support have been a truly invaluable part of helping me and my business grow. I love that her coaching model contains practical tools, mindset and perspective shifts, AND plenty of room for Spirit to move. I regularly use the concepts and questions I learned from her to keep myself moving forward in a way that's joyful, relaxed, and aligned with my dreams.

– Rachael

Tori was such a phenomenal coach and it was an honor to work with her. She's an amazing listener and does such a great job of articulating exactly what I was thinking/feeling, even when my words weren't making much sense. She's helped me recognize that mindset is a continuous practice and that over time, believing in myself will become second nature. Erasing narratives from childhood is extremely difficult, but Tori helped me identify these stories and rewrite them based on my current situation. The journal prompts and activities I completed in between sessions allowed our time during the session to be maximized and allowed for such deep insight. I feel reinvigorated to dive back into my business and keep that self-doubt at bay!   -Alex

Working with Tori, I was able to deepen my sense of self-love. Not only do I love myself more as a person now, but I have gathered some skills to consistently show myself compassion and care, which I was lacking in the past! During our time I was able to learn new methods of combatting my perfectionism. Tori was excellent at providing insight, listening, and the activities we did in between sessions were engaging and beneficial to me! I recognized it’s literally silly to live life not doing what I really want- and I’m changing career paths because of it.   -Katherine

I'm so grateful to Tori for being on this journey with me. I seriously used to cringe listening to my own voice, but now I actually enjoy hearing my voice, my messages, and my thought process. Now it’s truly enjoyable to see the beauty in ME. God created me and he/she did a damn good job! I have real and beautiful dreams to pursue in my present that don't involve anything close to the sort of vibration (of self-judgment and criticism). I've ascended past that need. I am a person who loves me. I'm also okay with the amount to which I happen to love myself, because I know that that amount is going to continue to grow and increase as time marches on, at the pace appropriate for me. There's no rush. Only perfect divine timing.



I am blown away at the magic that I experienced yesterday! I have always been reluctant to trust my instinct and intuition but the overwhelming support from the cards and pendulum gave me the confidence to TRUST myself and lean into what feels right for me and my business. Prior to our session, I was moving in a direction I thought I had to, in order to attract my ideal client- even knowing the messaging felt off and wasn’t 100% me or what I stand for. 


The session gave me clarity to pivot and move in the direction that my gut has been telling me to all along! I feel like I have what I need to stop second guessing myself and move towards what is most in alignment for me as a coach and how I want to positively impact the world. I know exactly the client I want to serve and the offerings I want to put more of my energy into to serve them! 


SO MUCH POWER in just 50 minutes. All I can say is WOW Tori is amazing and if you are stuck at all, the Intuitive Business Direction Reading is well worth the investment!   -Alex

My biggest takeaway was that I am safe letting go of the requirement to show up a ton on social media, to do things I don't like (like sales calls), and to follow a lot of the rules/methods out there. I am going to continue to think on how this will show up for me and what this means in terms of next steps. But it was a takeaway I wasn't expecting to have and it gives me confidence.   -SK

I got a lot of clarity from this reading! I liked that it was not necessarily "logical" advice based on what is "proven to work" (like so many other business coaching offers are) but rather unconventional and aligned messages that came through right at the moment I needed them. I feel like I needed a different perspective when nothing else is really working for me- and that is what I got! I am moving towards being more in alignment with what I want my business to look like. I like Tori's explanations of all the tools used - it made me feel very comfortable and safe. I'm totally rethinking how I approach my business after this session and am excited to see where it leads! 


I LOVED this reading. Tori really walked me through the process and helped me ask what I needed. She didn't get in the way – she just created a wonderful space of support from herself, from the Universe, and from my helpers. It was all so overwhelmingly good—both personally and for my business. It felt amazing to get the encouragement and clarity (specific steps I can take next to move my business forward) that I really needed at this moment. I literally wish I knew more entrepreneurs so I could send them to her, honestly!   -Rachael

My biggest takeaway was the accuracy. I actually knew what I needed to do, and Tori just confirmed it. Spot on!   -Susan C

This session gave me clarity and even a sense of peace. It was so validating in what I was feeling about my business and gave me the extra push to trust myself. Tori is clearly gifted, if you have doubts- don't! She holds a warm and

welcoming space with an infectious laugh. As you go through the session it becomes so clear how connected and excited she is about your own story! If you are looking for clarity in business and not sure what your next steps to

take are, Tori is your answer! 


Tori is such a gentle and kind person which translates in her intuitive gifts.  She is an old soul who at a young age, knew what she was meant to do to help others.  The readings she has offered to me were so spot on and the initial reading was when she did not even know me!  

I appreciate how invested she is in my business success as well as in me personal wins!

I am blessed and proud to know her!   -CC

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